I am Lee and I am your coach.

During my 20 plus years the corporate world and my time online I have coached and mentored others to build and grow their businesses using their unique skills and expertise to profit from their passions.

Over the years I have seen many Senior Entrepreneurs fail to leverage their years of experience and skills to maximize their potential, generate additional revenue for retirement. They struggle to turn their passions into a profitable online side hustle that supports their life and their families

And that was my story. After discovering that my retirement plans fell well short of my expectations, working past 70 was not something I wanted to do.   I started my own side hustle to fill the savings gap. It was hard at first working a day job and then spending hours on building a business, I was frustrated and overwhelmed by everything I had to do, seeing very little returns for the hours I was putting in. But when I finally did start applying these strategies, I was able to create a fun and successful side hustle without the stress of working too hard for too little payoff.

If you are ready to create new levels of freedom in your life, you have to know how to leverage a proven system to generate new clients and to serve people on a deeper level.

The Five Phases Of Side Hustle Building

All of the most successful online coaches create predictable results using a few essential tools and processes. The Senior Hustle program will guide you through the 5 Phases of Online Side Hustle building so that you never have to worry about where your next client is coming from.

Phase 1

Strong Foundation - Lay the foundation and blueprint for a successful business by establishing the powerful mindset of an entrepreneur. As you connect with and uncover your unique expertise which sets you apart, you’ll be able to move forward with a clear and direct business plan that still gives you the lifestyle you want, without having to work yourself ragged

Phase 2

Program Creation - Once you have established the foundation you need a compelling offer. Connect with your ideal client using our proven system that takes you beyond the traditional customer modeling which empowers you to create deep connections to your clients. Build a brand and marketing that makes you stand out from the crowd and attract you, ideal clients. We will then develop your transformational program and processes which deliver desired outcomes and deliver exceptional value so you will never have to justify your program’s price.

Phase 3

Side Hustle Build - It's time to start your client enrollment and generate income. We will take you through the battle-tested systems we used to enroll clients without any high pressure or sleazy sales tactics. Next, we add multiple enrollment channels so you never run out of clients again. We then provide you with all the assets you need to become a recognized authority in your market, such that you become the valuable asset that clients want to work with.

Phase 4

Process automation - technology can be daunting, there is no need to be wary of all of the time-saving tools and systems available. We will help you every step of the way to set up highly effective and simple systems to service and support your clients. Never built a website or funnels don’t panic we have you covered. We have various options to help you.

Phase 5

Expand & Scale - Now you have your automation in place it’s time to look at scaling your business to meet your lifestyle and income targets. We’ll show you exactly what you need and what you don’t need to make your business profitable, fulfilling, and sustainable.

Senior Hustle Program

Learn my step-by-step proven process to build your online Side Hustle so you can impact more lives, control what you earn, and live the lifestyle you deserve.

Imagine this

Ask yourself

What if you had absolute clarity on exactly how to powerfully communicate the real value you bring to someone’s life through coaching?

And what if you knew exactly what to say, with confidence, to transform someone from a potential client to a long term raving fan?

And what if you had a clear and concise action plan that you could implement on a daily basis to get you in front of clients who are actually willing to invest in a long term coaching program with you?

And what if you knew exactly what to say, with confidence, to transform someone from a potential client to a long term raving fan?

And what if you had a coach and support team who was actually rooting for you to succeed and who genuinely cared about you?

And what if you had all the templates, assets, resources, and support you needed to create a thriving business?

And what if you had a repeatable and predictable step-by-step process so that you could generate new clients whenever you wanted to?

And what if you had a team of professional support to help you build all the essential digital platforms and marketing tools you need to succeed?

But How Does This Work?

The Senior Hustle was designed to help you begin immediately building your online Side Hustle. The program is delivered through digital modules, interactive exercises, online communities, audio teaching, and live coaching sessions in both one-on-one and group formats. You’ll get ongoing coaching, support, and business development spanning 6 full months! Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

Digital Training Platform

Lifetime access to the Senior Hustle Digital Training platform and resource center. Yes, forever access! These detailed training sessions and fieldwork assignments lay the foundation for everything we’ll be showing you over the program. The right training delivered at the right time will save you years of frustration and wasted time.

One on One Coaching

Direct one-on-one access to a coach and mentor to help you stay grounded, accountable and to clarify your next steps. In the same way that you keep your clients on track to their desired outcomes, your coach will keep you on track to achieving your professional and lifestyle goals!

Group Coaching

Get motivated and inspired with group sessions, including teaching followed by Q & A. Need help with something specific? Hit a sticky point in your business? No problem! With all the available group coaching sessions, you’ll never be without support and guidance.


Why recreate the wheel when you don’t need to? Now you can “steal” all of Lee's tried and true resources and assets, like his proven enrolment template, so you can start generating results right away. You’ll learn exactly how to leverage each one for immediate impact!

Online Community

For all those quick chats, daily inspiration, and urgent questions, you’ll have access to Lee and the team, along with the community of other coaches, right in the palm of your hand or anywhere with an internet connection. Share all your successes and challenges along the way and feel the love and support from your new Senior Hustle Family.

Direct Message Your Coach

Yes thats right. Lee will give you direct access to ask him questions so you can ask your questions, vast answers to your problems so you can move you can take action and move your Senior Hustle forward.

Shared Cloud Drive

Share your worksheets and collaborate with your coach in a secure cloud drive We want to do everything we can to keep you moving and building your business.

Need More Information?

Speak to an Online Business Strategist today to see if your the right fit for the Senior Hustle program


Most frequent questions and answers

Although results will vary depending on your prior experience and the effort you put in , a reasonable expectation is up to a 10x return on your initial investment if you follow the process and take action. The program is designed to not only create a pathway to begin generating new clients right away, but to also give you an ongoing return after the initial 6-months. Remember, this is not a get rich quick type of coaching program. We teach you foundational skills and strategies that you will have for the rest of your life.

Yup! We guarantee you are gonna love the process, meet tons of awesome new people, create a fully functional online coaching side hustle, and to top it off we also have a better than 30 day guarantee. We’re will work with you until you get your first clients, the only thing we ask is that you demonstrate you are dedicated to your success, following the program and are taking action. 

If we can’t work together and  you want your money back at 30 days then we will obviously do that for you. 

The Senior Hustle Business Launcher is a comprehensive coaching system that utilizes digital training, companion assignments and growth exercises, one-on-one coaching, group coaching, supportive feedback via multiple channels, and live training to produce results unlike coach business development system out there.

No problem! Many of our program participants are in other programs while they work through the Senior Hustle program. Because the Senior Hustle program teaches you the fundamentals of any online coaching business, it can serve as the foundation to any other program out there, including anything you may have already enrolled in.

You could. But why would you want to struggle for years and years when you’ve got access to the formula for success? I lost years of my life and over $50,000 of  in wasted investments by not actively seeking business mentorship when I first got started as an online entrepreneur and coach. If you are serious about building a profitable online coaching business then you need your own business coach and mentor

Does it take time to build your business? Of course it does. But when you have a mentor and a coach, the time you invest in business building is so much more effective and productive. Think about it, how much time have you wasted in just the last month alone, engaged in activities that aren’t actively creating new clients for you? And if you can increase your enrolment percentage by 2x, 3x, or even 5x, how much time would you save each month by not wasting your effort on “free sessions” that don’t truly serve your clients and eat up time that you could be using to create new revenue?